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The Leadature app is the fastest way to get started with Leadature.

Simply install the app, type in the event activation key (device must be online during this setup process), and start capturing leads.

After the show, connect to the internet and make sure all leads are synced up to the server. Once synced, emails and literature will be automatically delivered to your leads.

More about the App

The Leadature App is a mobile lead capture solution designed for tradeshows and conferences. It combines with cloud-based Leadature from PRMconnect to provide an online/offline solution that captures leads, qualifies those leads with custom qualifiers, sends literature to customers via personalized “thank you” emails, and measures their interactions across a broad spectrum of metrics.

More Features


  • Built-in scanning of conference badge barcodes with the device camera or NFC reader;
  • Capture new leads by taking photos of business cards with the device camera. Leadature uses advanced character recognition to turn the photo into data;
  • Supports offline use when data connections are weak or unavailable;
  • Can be custom configured for each event by entering the appropriate configuration key (generated via the Leadature web portal)

The Leadature App is available for in all major app stores:

iTunes – Google Play –Microsoft Windows