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Simple, fast event technology packs, shipped directly to you.

Stand Alone System

No subscription required. Upload a spreadsheet or let us make a connection to your registration platform.

Event Check In

Attendees check in from scanning a QR code, on an iPad or from a staffed laptop.

Session Scanning

Scan visitors at sessions, demos, theaters, special events and track their progress throughout your event.

Real Time Data

View real time reports and dashboards to track your progress.

Walk Up Registration

Walk-in attendees can register from self service iPads; the platform will print their badge right then and there.

Badge Printing

Print badges on the spot from walk ups or check ins, using a multitude of devices.

Sponsor Scanning

Exhibitors can set up and manage their own lead portal with custom questions, literature and dashboards.

Customized Reports

Download your data in real-time to Excel using our online report generator.

Revolutionize your onsite technology experience

Real Technical Support

You’re not stuck with PDFs and 1-800 numbers. Get real support in real time or have an expert join you onsite.

Branded Style Application

Add your logo, corporate branding and eye for design to your badge layout, check-in applications and more.

Advanced QR Codes

Utilize the QR code on your badges for activity scanning and advanced features like web surveys or giveaways.

Multi-Language Support


Unique Attendee Details

Alert your onsite staff when a VIP arrives or decide what lanyard to use based on pre-determined data in the application.

Stay Online Offline

In a pinch, run your entire registration counter offline when the internet goes out or someone unplugs the router again.

Check in attendees and print badges in seconds using the features below:
  • On a staffed laptop or iPad, search for the attendee by name, company or email address.

  • Using a self service iPad, allow the attendee to search for the email address they used to register.

  • In a pre-show email, include a QR code that the attendee can quickly scan into an iPad or laptop when they arrive.

  • Allow attendees to walk up and register directly in EventOnsite, printing a badge when registration is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to order this?

At least 14 days before your event, at minimum. If you need something faster, please email help@leadature.com, we’ll see what we can do. If your request is May-June or October-November, please order it sooner.

How long is my rental period?

Your rental period lasts the duration of your event – there is no cost-per-day. One event equals one cost.

Will you send me the tracking number?

Yes, as soon as your case has been picked up, we’ll send you the tracking number. We’ll also monitor the status of your kit until it arrives and track it for any changes. We strive to deliver two days before you need it in the event of a catastrophic weather event or shipping calamity.

Can I use my own shipping service or account number?

Yep, just use the special notes portion at the bottom of the form. Otherwise our system will process this with FedEx the next business day.

I have an event but I am international, can I still rent this?

Sure can. Order it as soon as you can and then email help@leadature.com. We have shipping and logistics partners all over the world, but time is needed for a kit to get through customs. Everything ships from Las Vegas, Nevada. we recommend at least 21 days or more before your event. If an international order is placed and we cannot arrange the gear in time, your order will be refunded.

What will my badge look like?

We print black ink only. If you want a pre-fab in-color badge and drop black into that, pre-print the color elements of your badge first. If you’re OK with an entire black and white badge, we can send white stock. We also have a template available if you want to have your brand team design the pre-print.

What type of lanyard should I get?

The badge is 4” wide and includes a double bulldog, so a lanyard with two clips is your best bet. Depending on your paper, you might not even need badge holders. If you do, go with something over 4”.

I need to scan at my sessions, how do I set that up?

Add your sessions to the order form below (start time and session title). Scanners will be added to your kit, pre-setup and ready to scan (iPhones or Sony Android mobile devices).

How do I get my registration file into SwiftEvent?

We have pre-existing API connections to certain registration providers to do the work automatically. Otherwise, we can easily import your data into SwiftEvent pre-event.

Can someone from your team help me onsite?

Remote and onsite support is always available. Onsite support requires an order at least five weeks before your event to ensure we have someone available to travel.

How does SwiftEvent connect to the internet?

We use a LTE mobile hotspot router with the latest technology that connects your entire event. All you have to do is turn it on.

When will my Excel report be ready after my event?

Your data is always available in real-time in your Leadature portal. Download it multiple times a day, end of day and end of event.
Review the form below carefully before submitting. Items that are critical to fulfilling your order in a timely manner will be required.
  • Contact Information

  • If applicable, identify the specific program or event within your corporate structure.

  • Event Details

  • What is the name of your event.
  • Where is your event being held.
  • Describe the venue, lobby, or section of the center or other location for your event.
  • Who will be our primary contact? Please provide name, email and mobile.
  • This is the first date the venue will be available for setup and staging of equipment.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This is the date your event starts (goes live).
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This is the date your event will stop.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Projected number of attendees.

  • Technology Packs

  • This package is perfect for events from 25 attendees to 100 attendees. It includes: 1 - Server (can be used as check-in station) 2 - iPads (for self-check-in and onsite registration) 1 - Badge Printers 1 - LTE (cellular) WiFi Kit 2 - iPad Table Stands 150 - 4" x 5.5" badge blanks Equipment shipping within continental USA
    Price: $3,250.00 Quantity:
  • This package is perfect for events from 50 attendees to 500 attendees. It includes: 1 - Server (can be used as check-in station) 1 - Check-In Laptop 4 - iPads (for self-check-in and onsite registration) 2 - Badge Printers 1 - LTE (cellular) WiFi Kit 4 - iPad Table Stands 500 - 4" x 5.5" badge blanks Equipment shipping within continental USA
    Price: $4,250.00 Quantity:
  • This package is perfect for events from 500 attendees to 1000 attendees. It includes: 1 - Server (can be used as check-in station) 4 - Check-In Laptop 6 - iPads (for self-check-in and onsite registration) 4 - Badge Printers 1 - LTE (cellular) WiFi Kit 6 - iPad Table Stands 1000 - 4" x 5.5" badge blanks Equipment shipping within continental USA
    Price: $5,900.00 Quantity:

  • Custom Branded Badge Stock

    If you need/want custom branded badge stock, add your request below. We can quote for custom badge stock printing and assist with your art files and design.
  • Please describe the badge stock, size and material you are looking for so that we can generate a quote.
  • Length adjustable all black lanyards will clip directly to vinyl badge material with no wasteful, single-use plastic holder required. SPECIAL PRICE while supply lasts.
    Price: $1.25 Quantity:

  • Session Scanning

    If you want activity scanning for "sessions", select the correct qty of scanners you want from the options below.
  • Price is per scanner. If you have multiple rooms with sessions or theaters at the same time, order multiple session scanners.
    Price: $250.00 Quantity:
  • Please add your list of session titles if you ordered session scanners. Each individual session and time need to be on their own line.
    Session Start TimeSession Title 

  • Sponsor and Exhibitor Scanning

    If you want expo or activity scanning for sponsors, select the number of scanners you need from the options below.
  • Price is per scanner per sponsor. If you have eight sponsors, order eight scanners.
    Price: $250.00 Quantity:
  • Please add the list of sponsors for booth scanning. Put each sponsor on a separate line. This information allows us to provide each sponsor with access to their data within our Leadature portal.
    Company NameContact First NameContact Last NameContact Email 

  • Technical Support Options

  • Remote support via text, phone and email. Your assigned support tech is available during equipment setup and open event hours to help talk through equipment setup, testing and troubleshooting.
    Price: $1,200.00 Quantity:
  • One of our expert techs will travel to the event city. They will handle equipment staging, setup, testing and training of registration staff. The technician will also assist with scanner setup and training if those services have been ordered.
    Price: $3,800.00 Quantity:

  • Order Total

  • $0.00
  • Please let us know if there are additional needs or elements we should know about. Once your order has been submitted, we will reach out with additional details and questions if we have them.

  • Payment Information

  • American Express
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Rental Terms and Conditions
  • You must order your SwiftEvent package at least 14 days before your event. If your event is sooner, do not place an order – email us.
  • Pricing on this page does NOT include actual travel costs for onsite support. Actual travel costs for onsite support will be added to a final invoice (flight, hotel, ground transportation, misc.).
  • All badge printing unless stated otherwise or based on a custom quote will be BLACK INK ONLY on single-sided badge stock.
  • Each package contains a return shipping label; you are expected to ship the box with the return label on the last day of their event or additional late fees will be charged.
  • A SwiftEvent packages comes with complimentary white blank badge stock. Custom badges come with an additional cost.
  • If you are purchasing custom badge stock, please ensure you have enough time before your event. You can request a print template file directly from us to ensure compatibility with our printers.
  • If you are ordering plastic badge holders, please ensure holders are 4.25" wide so 4" wide badges can easily fit.
  • Ensure your registration area is not located in a dead zone to ensure an optimal signal. Otherwise, you may experience issues connecting your devices to the network.
  • Every package includes a 4G LTE SIM card to be used exclusively for SwiftEvent networking and gear. Do not remove or otherwise modify the SIM card or 4G mobile hotspot router settings.
  • As soon as you receive your case, you are required to check the completeness of the delivery and the working condition of the devices.
  • In the event of a missing device or faulty package, please contact SwiftEvent immediately by phone or email and report the defect.
  • You are required to return the gear in the same condition it was received. Do not remove or modify any labels, color codes or markings on any devices.
  • If devices are returned in a damaged and/or defective state you will be invoiced for the cleaning, repair or replacement of the device.
  • In the event that something is lost, stolen or damaged you are responsible for the full compensation of the replacement cost, administration charges and lost rental income.