Conference Technology

Regstration and check-in

  • Multi-language system set up and customization
  • Scan email code to auto-print badge
  • Look up by name, company or email
  • Display customer-specific details (workshop, lanyard, status, etc.)
  • Onsite registration directly in Leadature
  • Run offline in the event a network goes down
  • Run on any device with a browser
  • Badge "code" can include special links or re-directs

Badge printing

  • Pre-print bulk badges or print on demand in real-time
  • Color or black and white printing to a variety of materials
  • Print QR codes or embed NFC technology
  • Utilize small footprint to set up print stations around the property or hotel
  • Come with a design or let us help you design a modern badge

Exhibitor lead capture

  • Every sponsor receives secure email access to their own lead capture portal
  • They can set up their own questions, survey, documents, collateral and email templates
  • Leadature can provide device rentals or they can BYOD for their entire booth
  • Allow sponsors to order devices directly from the Leadature platform
  • Sponsors can download data in real-time; no waiting until after the show or for devices to sync later
  • Sponsors can use advanced features to pick winners at random or generate custom reports

Digital signage

  • Custom built online tool for signage content management accessible by your team
  • Powered by the latest in Raspberry Pi technology that can run content online or offline
  • Supports media-rich graphic elements including 4K video and animation
  • Supports multi-layered data, live stream content, social feeds, API-based content, maps and more
  • API connections for up-to-date information whenever it changes
  • Based on an Azure platform for global scalability

Session scanning

  • Quickly scan into an unlimited number of sessions, special events, theaters
  • Dedicated scanning devices with custom battery packs for barcodes or NFC
  • Set your location and let Leadature auto-select each room for you
  • Leadature floor managers monitor devices, staff and reporting in real-time

Contactless RFID tracking

  • A variety of RFID antennas means you can track attendees in a variety of locations
  • Use RFID in your booth based on location, time spent, proximity, etc.
  • Use RFID mats as attendees walk into large areas
  • Contactless tracking means the technology lives in their badge, no scanners required
  • Capture millions of data points about each attendee

Event in a box

Create custom experiences for your online, digital events. Small webinars to full conferences that support up to one million simultaneous attendees. Connect the data your audience back to the individual and get the event data you have been missing.

Walk up registration

You conference metrics will take a quantum leap forward with our suite of conference solutions. Leadature provides fast, reliable performance of critical elements like check-in, badge printing, digital signage, RFID and more.

Event scanning

Without a doubt the most powerful lead capture solution available. Leadature allows you to use powerful logic to guide your tradeshow and conference conversations toward actionable data, with real-time scoring, instant attendee follow-up, multi-language support and offline capability.

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