You host your own events and conferences, need to scan demos, sessions and hospitality events. You need to capture everything and need real-time dashboards to watch it all roll in. How about interfacing with registration systems, agenda builders, mobile apps and CRM systems. You want to offer your sponsors a better, MUCH better lead capture system, that’s inexpensive but lets them run on any smartphone they have. Yep, we do it all, plus tons more.
The deets are below!


Badge Types?

We scan them all, QRcodes, NFC tags, RFID tags, PDF417 barcodes, Vcards & MEcards and business cards, we have you covered.

Session Scanning

Leadature’s “Quickscan’ mode means that session scans are super fast and the data is immediately available in your session dashboards. If you want to automatically send the session “deck” to everyone scanned into the room, no problem, our auto-docs function can send those documents instantly or later in a batch.

Sponsors & Exhibitor Scanning

Your sponsors will sing your name for centuries after they use our Leadature Wizard setup & reporting system. They can login, view real-time reports, export their data, make changes and send literature at any time. Super Easy for them and Super Painless for you.

Special Event & Limited Attendance

Special events with limited seats or attendee types are easy for Leadature. Just give us a list of who is allowed and quickscan people that show up. The system shows a green flash for “allowed” and red for “not allowed”. Devices can update the allowed list as often as every six minutes and do so automatically!

Connect to Registration & Mobile Apps

Leadature connects via API to a large number of registration company and mobile app providers. If they have an API we can connect. If they have only reports, then we can connect. I fwe need to import spreadsheets, thats super easy too. Let Leadature be your master data hub or a planet in the event data universe, it’s up to you.

Product Demonstrations

Your marketing & sales team need details about each conversation your sales team has. Use our “guided conversation” model to start simple and add fields as the engagement dictates. Share data across scanners, add unique fields at each demo spots and aggregate fields for CRM consumption.

Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards

Keep your finger on the pulse of the interactions by putting our dashboards & reports on your phone or tablet. Quickly grab charts & graphs to drop into daily status reports. Filter data by session or other data fields, its easy to know whats going on with Leadature.

Scanner Rentals

We can provide smart scanner devices to work with any badge type. Apple, Android, Window Mobile, we have them all. Our tech team will help you select the right device type for each function you want.

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