Give your sales team the same great lead solution that you use at tradeshows. Drop Leadature into their pockets with lead capture, qualification, business card scanning and e-literature. Then connect it all up with your CRM system.

E-Literature Waves Goodbye to Paper!

Use Leadature to send out all your collateral material, connect them to your website and track all the interactions, minute by minute.

Business Card Capture

Use your smartphone camera to let Leadature suck the lead data right off a business card. From photo to database takes only a few seconds.

Global Language Recognition

Leadature business card scanning works across geo regions to capture data in many languages. Data is stored in the native language and we even support non-Latin characters such as Chinese & Korean.

Automagic Sales Rep Mapping

Leadature can automatically calculate which of your sales reps around the world should get a lead. Create rep regions by zip/postal code, product grouping, country etc. Then Leadature’s FlashLead module instantly sends and email with all relevant information to the selected sales rep.