Event Staff Scheduler

Powerful staffing schedule tool for virtual, live and hybrid events

Manage Multiple Events

  • Perfect for virtual, live or hybrid event staffing
  • System manages global events with time zone changes
  • Manage multiple events all at the same time
  • Setup each event's start and end dates
  • Add administrative staff for each event and global authority

Session Import or Direct API Connections

  • Setup direct API connections with popular registration and content management systems such as:
    • RainFocus
    • Web Events Global
    • Cvent
    • G2Planet
    • Maritz
    • others upon request
  • Import sessions from Excel


Manage Staff Skills & Availability

  • Each potential staff participant gets their own single click management page that allows them to setup:
    • Staffing availability across event dates
    • Staffing role(s) preferences
    • Product & Services Skills expertise

Staffing Rules by Session Type

  • Setup your session types (demo, keynote, workshop etc.)
  • Then create staffing rules for each type such as:
    • 1 presenter
    • 1 co-presenter
    • 2 chat moderators
    • 1 subject matter expert
  • When scheduling each session type, the system automatically creates staffing slots for each staff type
  • System tracks how close to completed staffing each session is through reports

Customized Reports

  • System comes with a broad suite of standard reports such as:
    • Staff Statistics
    • Session Statistics
    • Sessions not yet staffed
    • Sessions partially staffed
    • Sessions Accepted
    • Sessions Declined
  • Customizing reports is fast and easy
  • Building new reports can be done in a few minutes

Rapid Staff Assignments

  • The system allows fast selection of sessions that need staffing
  • Displays a list of possible staff that are ranked by their suitability in terms of:
    • Geo & Timezone proximity to the session times
    • Availability based on each staffer's indicated availability
    • Skillset matching for role preference and product expertise
  • Using a simple Drag-n-Drop interface, it's possible to schedule a complex session in a matter of seconds

Automated Calendar Invitation Process

  • As sessions are scheduled the system will generate automatic calendar invitations for each staffing role, sent to the assigned staffer
  • The staffer can accept or decline each invitation through their standard meeting management process
  • Declined invitations are flagged and emailed to each event's administrators and the staffing slot is re-opened for staffing

Technology Packs

Micro Event Pack

This package is perfect for events from 25 attendees to 100 attendees. It includes: 1 - Server (can be used as check-in station) 2 - iPads (for self-check-in and onsite registration) 1 - Badge Printers 1 - LTE (cellular) WiFi Kit 2 - iPad Table Stands 150 - 4" x 5.5" badge blanks Equipment shipping within continental USA.

Small Event Pack

This package is perfect for events from 50 attendees to 500 attendees. It includes: 1 - Server (can be used as check-in station) 1 - Check-In Laptop 4 - iPads (for self-check-in and onsite registration) 2 - Badge Printers 1 - LTE (cellular) WiFi Kit 4 - iPad Table Stands 500 - 4" x 5.5" badge blanks Equipment shipping within continental USA.

Plus Event Pack

This package is perfect for events from 500 attendees to 1000 attendees. It includes: 1 - Server (can be used as check-in station) 4 - Check-In Laptop 6 - iPads (for self-check-in and onsite registration) 4 - Badge Printers 1 - LTE (cellular) WiFi Kit 6 - iPad Table Stands 1000 - 4" x 5.5" badge blanks Equipment shipping within continental USA.

Order Form

Terms and Conditions

  • You must order your SwiftEvent package at least 14 days before your event. If your event is sooner, do not place an order – email us.
  • Pricing on this page does NOT include actual travel costs for onsite support. Actual travel costs for onsite support will be added to a final invoice (flight, hotel, ground transportation, misc.).
  • All badge printing unless stated otherwise or based on a custom quote will be BLACK INK ONLY on single-sided badge stock.
  • Each package contains a return shipping label; you are expected to ship the box with the return label on the last day of their event or additional late fees will be charged.
  • A SwiftEvent packages comes with complimentary white blank badge stock. Custom badges come with an additional cost.
  • If you are purchasing custom badge stock, please ensure you have enough time before your event. You can request a print template file directly from us to ensure compatibility with our printers.
  • If you are ordering plastic badge holders, please ensure holders are 4.25" wide so 4" wide badges can easily fit.
  • Ensure your registration area is not located in a dead zone to ensure an optimal signal. Otherwise, you may experience issues connecting your devices to the network.
  • Every package includes a 4G LTE SIM card to be used exclusively for SwiftEvent networking and gear. Do not remove or otherwise modify the SIM card or 4G mobile hotspot router settings.
  • As soon as you receive your case, you are required to check the completeness of the delivery and the working condition of the devices.
  • In the event of a missing device or faulty package, please contact SwiftEvent immediately by phone or email and report the defect.
  • You are required to return the gear in the same condition it was received. Do not remove or modify any labels, color codes or markings on any devices.
  • If devices are returned in a damaged and/or defective state you will be invoiced for the cleaning, repair or replacement of the device.
  • In the event that something is lost, stolen or damaged you are responsible for the full compensation of the replacement cost, administration charges and lost rental income.
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