A simpler version of Leadature, Leadature|Express is designed specifically to address:

  • Situations where Internet or WiFi connectivity is expensive or intermittent
  • Global events that need a fast and easy setup process
  • Events where a streamlined lead/data capture solution is best
  • Events with minimal time for staff training

Leadature|Express runs on Windows, iOS and Android platforms and allows for a fast and easy setup process for each event just by typing in a specific event “key” code into each device you want to use.


  • Can scan badges with either a connected scanner or in some cases by using the device camera
  • Supports offline data capture for post event syncing up to Leadature site & email generation
  • Supports online connections for real- time literature
  • Allows for real-time emails to be generated to attendees/customers
  • Use your own branding & logos
  • Supports product segment specific collateral “bundles” to be sent to customer
  • Allows for unique event qualification questions to be setup by system administrator(s)
  • Data is gathered by master Leadature system to allow for CRM connections, reporting, data export and dashboard views

To use Leadature|Express, load up the app, type in the event key (device must be online during this setup process), and start capturing lead data.

After the show, make sure all leads are synced up to the master server (by connecting to the Internet) and the emails and literature will be automatically delivered to your customers.

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