Your small team handles a LOT of details across a wide variety of events and using the “official” but lousy lead capture systems gives you incomplete data.

Let PRMconnect experts simplify lead capture & figure out what needs preparation. We setup your system, rent you equipment if you need it, offer remote support or on-site, and hand over your data with a ribbon around it.


Badge Research & Event Management

Simply send us your list of events and our experts will discover and connect with each event organizer. Then we discuss your lead capture options for each event with you so you can make fast decisions.

System Configuration, Setup & Testing

Tell us what you want Leadature to capture and we will set that up. Qualifcation questions, literature packages, sales rep mapping, our team will get it all running and send you an activation code for each event. Toss your requirements over to us and we will toss back a completed and ready to go system.

Super Power Features Included

Need to add branching logic, hidden fields, multiple departments, theater session tracking, variable literature selections? Our team can make the system be super responsive, just let us know what you need.

Marketing Automation & CRM Connections

Use our easy to use connectors to Marketo, Eloqua and to quickly move lead data from any event into your enterprise systems.