Snap! is an extension to Leadature. It’s designed specifically to address:

  1. “Un-badged” events where there is no barcode or other standard attendee information transfer solution offered
  2. Situations where standard badge scanning equipment is not appropriate, is too clunky to use or is cost prohibitive
  3. Casual interactions such as networking events and chance meetings  Leadature|Snap! does away with badges, scanners, internet requirements by making any device that’s able to send an email, Snap! capable.


  1. Creates leads from emails, just email the contact information
  2. Creates leads from photos of business cards sent at attachments
  3. Can send a “Thank You” email to the lead
  4. Can send standard or specific product literature links
  5. Can notify sales teams and marketing teams of interactions
  6. Segment the Snap! leads by event or Leadature campaign
  7. Merge the Snap! lead with formal lead data gathered by a scanner
  8. Prevent duplicate leads by auto-merging multiple Snap! leads
  9. Measure the number of “touches” generated by each contact

To use Leadature|Snap!, simply send an email to your designated Snap! email box. You can include any contact information you like or just attach a photo of a business card.

Then add some simple SnapCodes to trigger actions such as sending an email, including document links, connecting the lead with a specific event or even returning a VCard back to the originating email.

Snap! does not need a “live” internet connection, just put as many emails as you like in your outbox and sync the email up when you can. The Snap! server will process  the leads and let you know when they are completed. The final lead data simply appears in your Leadature system once completed.

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