You manage your own program, 10, 50, 100, maybe 500 events. You want to build, customize questions, change literature & deploy simple, fast lead capture that runs on any device your team can pull out of their pockets


Leadature SelfServ Wizard

Build, manage & report on your events, all through our easy to use Wizard.

Need to add a new document? Poof! done in seconds. Copy an event to a new event and activate devices in under a minute. The Wizard makes you a global lead master!

Real-Time Dashboards

Allow you to monitor all your events at once, anytime, and from anywhere. Generate executive reports, drop them into emails and PowerPoint in seconds.

Send E-Literature

Manage your own e-literature. Send items automatically, individually or even in bundles. Track sends, clicks & viewing time.

Qualification Questions

Add as many questions or data elements as you like. Hidden fields, TextBoxes, CheckBoxes, Radio Buttons and Comments boxes are all available. Build your form, change it, move things around and see the results in seconds. So easy, it’s almost fun!