Leadature|Start! is a low cost way to use Leadature with no on-going commitment. You only do one event? No problem.

Add more users and more features as you need them. Don’t pay for a subscription you don’t use.

NOTE: Leadature|Start does not include barcode or badge scanning capability.


Capture Unlimited Leads at a Single Event

You can Snap! business cards or type in your leads.

Add Email Capability

For just a bit more, you can add the ability to instantly or in a batch email your customers and thank them for their time.

Add E-Literature

Send website links, YouTube videos and PDF files through the thank you email system as links. Leadature tracks the clicks on those links, the time spend reading the material and puts all the data into your dashboard.

Dashboards & Reporting

Generate real-time dashboard view of your lead data, export it to Excel, anytime you want.

  • Leadature|Start!

    This form allows you to purchase as many "device licenses" as you like for a single event. A device license is a single capture device (phone, tablet etc.) used at any single event. You can run as many devices at the same event as you like, just purchase the right qty and start capturing leads.
  • This license will allow you to generate an activation key from within the Leadature wizard to activate the number of devices you purchase in total.
    Price: $99.00 Quantity:
  • Send e-literature and a customized email to your leads in real-time or in a batch at the end of the event. This option allows for sending up to FIVE documents or links.
    Price: $29.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00
  • Company & Billing Details

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