How Do I Download My Leads?

Did You Know?

That there is practically no limit on the number of fields you can add to a Leadature form?

Leadature Studio

Most questions to us start with “How Do I?”. This studio is about how YOU do things within the setup wizard and the apps themselves.

Have fun learning about all the great tools you have within Leadature by watching the videos and reading the tips below.

Where are my business card leads?

How Do I Add a New Document?

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What's QuickScan and how does it work?

Quickscan allows you to rapidly scan attendees without qualifying them. You can easily turn Quickscan mode on/off from the main screen with the checkbox or toggle switch.

How Does the Business Card Scan Work?

Business cards are processed on the Leadature servers and not the device you use to take the photo. Completed business card leads are available only through the Contact Export from your portal unless you have switched on the “Download all Contacts” switch.

What are the character limits for fields?

Text fields allow for 255 characters each and the “Notes” fields are unlimited

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