Tradeshow Data Capture

Unlimited everything

Create an unlimited amount of events, scan an unlimited amount of contacts and leads, ask an unlimited amount of questions, send an unlimited amount of literature - all in real-time, all included.

Native iOS and Android apps

Use Leadature on your own iOS or Android application with our mobile, native apps. Download Leadature on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod or a variety of Android devices. You just need an internet connection and camera to get started.

Lead capture your way

Scan badges with connections to over 50 third-party systems, scan business cards in over 20 languages, manually type in data entry or pre-load the leadature system with data for any event and look it up later.


Scan quickly into rooms, sessions, meetings, theaters or anywhere with a queue; scan faster for a better attendee experience.


Update your location in real-time with a list of rooms, sessions, theaters or more. Change it on the fly for the most up-to-date data at the end of your event. Use with barcode or NFC scanning.


GDPR requires explicit consent for specific use of personal data. Use Leadature for each specific use of the personal data you are collecting so your end user can specifically agree to that use.


Customers always come back to Leadature because of our support and customer service. Get support via email, text, phone or FaceTime in real-time and onsite at your next event.

Watch this three minute video to learn more

Additional Lead Capture Features

  • Mobile, native iOS and Android applications
  • Offline and online capture capability
  • Badge scanning via on-board device camera, integrated NFC or Bluetooth scanners
  • Badge service connects tover 50 third-party API connections
  • Business card scanning with machine-based cloud OCR
  • Business card OCR data review function in online portal
  • Manual contact entry via on device form
  • GDPR opt-in capability (customizable)
  • Contact detail review and edit (on-screen) after badge scan
  • Customized form layout and unlimited qualification/survey questions
  • Unlimited literature request selections
  • Literature selection by document title or bundle
  • Send automatic documents after saving a contact
  • Conditional field display (requires advanced setup)
  • Expander sections that show or hide groups of questions or text
  • Search and edit leads on device or from across the entire event if shared
  • Bookmark important leads on specific devices find faster later
  • Help requests directly in the app onsite or virtual help (requires connection)
  • Device naming in app to distinguish where leads are coming from later
  • Instant email upon save, with or without literature
  • Batch emails at the end of each day or event with or without documents
  • Customizable HTML and text-only mobile friendly email templates
  • Real-time reporting on device and in browser portal
  • Download data to Excel or create custom reports
  • Real-time dashboards with the most important data from each event
  • Raffle winner picker (randomized for all eligible contacts in an event)
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