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What Is Leadature?



Leadature® is a real time, cloud-based lead capture solution that goes far beyond gathering basic contact information.

Leadature qualifies your leads, sends electronic literature, provides a wide range of measurement, and can instantly connect your sales force to your new leads.

On the event floor, Leadature quickly captures and qualifies leads with targeted questions based on product interest.

The literature library lets you send information to your customer instantly: videos, brochures, files and website links eliminate the need to bring paper collateral.

After the conversation on the show floor ends, Leadature keeps the interaction going. Attendees receive a personalized email thanking them for visiting your booth. Leadature assigned sales reps get an email notifying them they have a new lead, with all the information necessary for detailed follow-up. Leadature closes the time gap between capture & follow-up to seconds.

Leadature connects to a variety of popular CRM and Marketing Automation systems via integrated connector modules taking your 
information gap to zero.








Why It’s Better

No other lead capture software is as flexible or does as much.




  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Electronic Literature Distribution
  • Real-Time Metrics
  • Instantly Connects Sales Reps to Attendees
  • Cost effective

Fast, Fast, Fast

Speed matters. First-mover advantage hinges on it. With Leadature, you can:

  • Update your system anytime, anywhere
  • Instantly deliver information to customers
  • Push results to sales, to marketing, to the bottom line—now


Leadature is a highly customizable solution with a staggering array of options. We tailor your site to integrate seamlessly with your booth. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is!

Use your own devices, rent from us, rent from someone else. Easily manage your costs event by event.

Use Leadature flexibly across multiple device types. Group experience touchscreens, mobile tablets, demo station notebooks, all at the same time.



Leadature can run any number of shows, anywhere in the world, with any
number of languages, simultaneously.



Your information is securely stored in the cloud. If a device is lost, stolen, or run over by a forklift, that information is safe, secure and already available to your company. We take security seriously, and we adhere to the most stringent security protocols.

Your data is YOUR data. We never sell your information, and our customer list is confidential.


Support All Ways

Before each show, our team collaborates with you to structure your Leadature site. We work with you to make sure your system looks and functions exactly the way you want it to and the data you capture integrates directly with your internal systems.

When you’re on site, our team is always available to make sure your experience is easy. We can assist you via email, phone or remote access, and would love to support you in person if you’d like to see our bright, smiling faces.



Feature List


Lead Handling at Tradeshows and Events

Capture Leads

Capture leads through Leadature® at any event or tradeshow


Handle high booth traffic or fast paced situations with Leadature Quickscan (supports Autodocs®)

Lead Qualification

Evaluate leads with powerful qualifying questions that are auto selected by customer location and product interest

Connect To Your Customers

Electronic Rich Media Distribution

Send PDFs, presentations, videos, web links, YouTube® pages, and other collateral elements to customers & prospects


Automatically send information from Leadature to attendees based on any number of product interests

Integrated Document Feedback

Get feedback from potential customers while they review your collateral materials

Connect To Your Sales Force

Sales Rep Mapping

Assign leads to sales reps based on product & territory in real-time. Leadature handles any number of layered sales forces simultaneously


Immediately connect sales reps to new customers on the show floor with informative emails about new prospects

Lead Qualification

Evaluate leads with powerful qualifying questions, customer surveys, real-time charting and mobile access

CRM Integration

Connect directly with SalesForce.com®, Eloqua® or Marketo® with approved connectors or have us build an interface to any CRM of your choice

Flexible Features

Integrated Custom Reports Engine

Get extensive reports on booth activity, sales rep efficiency, document click rates, customer attention spans & more


Runs in any language, shift languages instantly based on customer preference


Have any number of events running anywhere in the world all at the same time with centralized data and reporting.

Fully Customer Branded Look and Feel

Customize Leadature to seamlessly integrate with your booth’s look and layout


Reporting & Metrics


Score and rank leads based on booth interactions

Contact Reports

Pull reports on every attendee interaction

Experience Overviews

Track the quality of customer engagement and overall booth experience

Literature Reports

Advanced reports on how often attendees open their literature, how long they read it, and when it’s shared with other people

Sales Rep Reports

Report on and export leads for your sales team directly from Leadature


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How Scanning Works


Leadature® allows quick badge scanning for maximum engagement and efficiency.

Tradeshow badges differ for each show. Common badge types are barcodes, but we see a variety of technologies, including magnetic strips, QR codes and RFID.

We have the technology to read all common badge types.

For most badges, you’ll scan the barcode to automatically populate an attendee’s contact information into Leadature.

No barcodes? No problem!

businesscardscanners Leadature works with business card scanners on Windows platforms
manualentry You can manually enter, or supplement, information via keyboard
preload You can pre-load an attendee list to allow for fast look-ups




Snap! is an extension to Leadature. It’s designed specifically to address:

  1. “Un-badged” events where there is no barcode or other standard attendee information transfer solution offered
  2. Situations where standard badge scanning equipment is not appropriate, is too clunky to use or is cost prohibitive
  3. Casual interactions such as networking events and chance meetings  Leadature|Snap! does away with badges, scanners, internet requirements by making any device that’s able to send an email, Snap! capable.


  1. Creates leads from emails, just email the contact information
  2. Creates leads from photos of business cards sent at attachments
  3. Can send a “Thank You” email to the lead
  4. Can send standard or specific product literature links
  5. Can notify sales teams and marketing teams of interactions
  6. Segment the Snap! leads by event or Leadature campaign
  7. Merge the Snap! lead with formal lead data gathered by a scanner
  8. Prevent duplicate leads by auto-merging multiple Snap! leads
  9. Measure the number of “touches” generated by each contact

To use Leadature|Snap!, simply send an email to your designated Snap! email box. You can include any contact information you like or just attach a photo of a business card.

Then add some simple SnapCodes to trigger actions such as sending an email, including document links, connecting the lead with a specific event or even returning a VCard back to the originating email.

Snap! does not need a “live” internet connection, just put as many emails as you like in your outbox and sync the email up when you can. The Snap! server will process  the leads and let you know when they are completed. The final lead data simply appears in your Leadature system once completed.


A simpler version of Leadature, Leadature|Express is designed specifically to address:
• Situations where Internet or WiFi connectivity is expensive or intermittent
• Global events that need a fast and easy setup process
• Events where a streamlined lead/data capture solution is best
• Events with minimal time for staff training
Leadature|Express runs on Windows, iOS and Android platforms and allows for a fast and easy setup process for each event just by typing in a specific event “key” code into each device you want to use.

• Can scan badges with either a connected scanner or in some cases by using the device camera
• Supports offline data capture for post event syncing up to Leadature site & email generation
• Supports online connections for real- time literature
• Allows for real-time emails to be generated to attendees/customers
• Use your own branding & logos
• Supports product segment specific collateral “bundles” to be sent to customer
• Allows for unique event qualification questions to be setup by system administrator(s)
• Data is gathered by master Leadature system to allow for CRM connections, reporting, data export and dashboard views
To use Leadature|Express, load up the app, type in the event key (device must be online during this setup process), and start capturing lead data.
After the show, make sure all leads are synced up to the master server (by connecting to the Internet) and the emails and literature will be automatically delivered to your customers.

About PRM Connect


PRMconnect was founded by people who understand events.

We’ve worked all over the world maximizing our customers’ effectiveness on the show floor.

Our team designed Leadature® to transform event interactions for both attendees and exhibitors.

We provide cutting-edge technology to foster conversations and accelerate the flow of information, closing the gap between the show floor and the enterprise.






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